Breaking The Circuit

Breaking The Circuit: Illuminating Paths to Healing and Empowerment Post-Trauma

Breaking The Circuit: How To Rewire Your Mind for Hope, Resilience and Joy in the Face of Trauma

Your Guide to a Transformed Life: How to Cultivate Joy and Strength in the Aftermath of Trauma!

Dear Friend,

If you've ever felt the weight of the world pressing down on you, if you've ever grappled with shadows from the past that seem to darken your present and future, I want you to know that I understand. I've been there. My name is Dr. Samantha Blake Harte, and I've journeyed through the depths of trauma to a place of hope, resilience, and joy. Now, I'm here to share that path with you in my upcoming book, "Breaking The Circuit: How To Rewire Your Mind for Hope, Resilience and Joy in the Face of Trauma."

This book is my heart laid bare—a chronicle of my own struggles with my mother’s mental illness, the sting of betrayal, the grief of loss, and the fight against addiction. But more than that, it's a map for anyone who has ever felt lost in the labyrinth of their pain. It's a testament to the power of rewiring our thoughts, our habits, and our lives.

"Breaking The Circuit" isn't just a recount of my journey to sobriety and beyond. It's a guide that takes the wisdom of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and expands it into a universal tool for overcoming the soul sickness that afflicts so many of us. Whether you're in the grip of addiction or simply seeking a way to navigate life's relentless challenges, these steps can light your way to a brighter, more joyful existence.

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. By signing up for early access to my book, you're not just reserving a copy; you're taking a step towards breaking your own circuits of despair and powering up your life with hope and happiness.

The road to recovery and joy is not a solitary one. It's a path we walk together, supporting and lifting each other up. So, I'm extending my hand to you. Will you take it?

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Let's embark on this journey of transformation together.

With warmth and encouragement,
Dr. Samantha Harte

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"I was in constant discomfort while pregnant until I took this course! Then I felt a huge relief and was given a boost of confidence during my pregnancy. This course helped me so much!"

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